Log Construction Manual
By Robert W. Chambers

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Simply the best how-to book about handcrafted, scribe-fit log building.

Here's what others are saying :

"Fabulous book! After reading your book I must say I have not read a log home book that comes
even close to having the technical details your book offers, and believe me I've read a bunch."
Bruce Barkley

"Fantastic! In one book Chambers casts light into some of the darkest corners of log building. Buy it. Read it."
Review by Bill Olsen in Log Building News

"Robert Chambers' new book is an indispensible guide for those who are going to build a log home . . .
by perhaps the leading log building instructor in North America."
Review in Log Home Living Magazine

"If you are serious about building your own handcrafted log home, read this detailed, well-illustrated book . . . . By far the most comprehensive treatment on settling and ways to accommodate it is found in Robert Chambers Log Construction Manual." Dan Chiras, The Natural House

What's in this book for you:

Professional Log Builders appreciate my book:

"I've been a professional log builder for 20 years and this is the only book that I recommend without hesitation as a text to our apprentices. Mr. Chambers has distilled a lifetime of building and teaching into one masterful volume."
John Boys, Nicola Logworks, British Columbia, Canada

"The information in your book helped me considerably in the construction of a pavillion with hips and valleys. Your formulas for backing angles were a Godsend. It turned out really nice and the client was very happy and I was, too."
Terry Dietzler, professional log builder

"I have your book and have found it the most informative & helpful publication that I own."
Bill Schenk

"The instructions on cutting the corner notches have helped a great deal. That is the best way I have seen to cut notches."
Duff Leaver, log builder

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your log building book . . . it is a valuable resource."
Vic Proctor, log builder

"After much reading and research I have adopted your book as the text for my LOGS class. I believe in your methods and your teaching."
Rick Bongard, instructor, Onaway Schools LOGS Program

"When a new person enters the field, the learning curve is steep! Your book has provided me with a great foundation -- I tip my hat to you for producing such an easy-reading, de-mystifying book! Your book is thorough and it is excellent!"
Earl Laverty, Kitchener, Ontario

And . . . Beginner's find my book very easy to understand, and packed with useful information:

"If I were allowed to have only one book on logbuilding this would be the one I'd keep. It is without a doubt the best written instruction guide I have found. Robert Chambers is one of those guys who seems to be able to explain complicated tasks in a very plain english kind of way. This makes it very easy for somebody like myself with no experience in logbuilding to be able to step outside and try some of the techniques on practice logs. He covers the very simple to the very complex and if you take your time and read it carefully you will understand both. If you are hiring someone to build your home this is still an excellent book for you. It educates the reader on where and how to look for good craftsmanship in a log building. I have read enough material on this subject to honestly say that all the others have left me with the question mark over my head. Good Luck and God Bless....."
Mike Mongan, Wisconsin

"After searching fruitlessly for a competent text on log building construction, I had nearly given up. By chance, I stumbled upon "Log Construction Manual" by Robert Wood Chambers at Amazon. I made the purchase, read the information and felt compelled to write a review.
Chambers takes the complex craft of fully scribed log construction and explains through diagrams, photos, techniques, and formulas how to successfully construct a log building. Truly a comprehensive textbook, a must for anyone planning to build a log home or cabin. Also included in this book is a chapter on log building tools, some conventional, some unique to log construction, and places to purchase tools; resources, such as book and magazine reviews, log building schools and workshops, design and engineering contacts. A big "thank you" to Mr. Chambers"

Dave Corle, Sr., Pennsylvania

"Awesome book. I can't stop reading it."
Scott Utzman, Georgia

"There is no other book that I have seen with your details, even down to the smallest thing like what chainsaw chain to buy. Thanks for saving me a LOT of time. I am over half way through your book and I love it. Really clear, and I haven't had to read sections over and over to get it, unlike other log home books I own."
Mark Sinkkonen

"I am so thankful and excited that I found the Log Construction Manual. I have many other books on the same subject and have always wanted to learn the craft by self study, but I have not been impressed with any book until now. Robert Chambers is perhaps the world's best, a master, of full- scribe log construction to date! It is refreshing to read something that broke through the old ways of log building that have been used and practised for a hundred years.
Mr. Chambers is an inspiration and I feel so confident from learning from his book that I will now build the best log cabin I could have ever hoped for.
Thank you so much, Robert. I will be forever grateful that you shared your wisdom and great knowledge through your book, it is a treasure!"
Kelly Beaulieu, British Columbia, Canada

"I have read many log home do-it-yourself books. HOWEVER ! ! ! Just yesterday I downloaded a chapter from your book and your information hit me like a ton of bricks. I am ordering your complete book, and I can't wait to get it. Thank you for writing in a way that anyone can absorb."
Lou Duma

"Fabulous book! After reading your book I must say I have not read a log home book that comes even close to having the technical details your book offers, and believe me I've read a bunch."
Bruce Barkley

"I would have been in big log building trouble without it."
Tom Dart, Chicago

"I am half way through reading it and it's a fabulous book. It's exactly what I was looking for. Again I would like to thank you for sending me such a great book. I will definitely keep in touch with you in the future."
Richard Forgiel, Ottawa, Canada

"I received your book last Friday and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend in it. I'm impressed with both the level of information and your writing skills and sense of humor. Very well done. Thanks again for the prompt delivery and a great product."
Neal Zeller, Arizona

"Thank you so much for the book. I am very impressed with how you explain everything, and your attention to detail. Thank you for all the valuable information."
Zack Jacobson

"For starters your book is awesome!"
Logan McCrae

"Your book is great!"
Paul Umble

"I just got your book and I am amazed at how good it is."
Phillip Kennedy

"I am still enjoying your book (I have read it about 3 times through now) and I'm still so thankful you write it."
Troy Schaude

"I have recently purchased my second copy of your book . . . and I am thoroughly impressed by the accurate information and resources that you have put in it. The pictures, drawings, and descriptions are very helpful. It's the best book that I've ever studied on this subject"
Dave Campbell

"I have just bought your book and have been reading. It is fantastic, lots of tricks and hints. I am an experienced roof builder."
Krzysztof Ferenc

"I am building a log home (my first ever) using your construction manual as my guideline."
Dave Johnson

"I have already read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It taught me just about everything I know!"
Brad Horst

"I read your book in preparation to build a log home up in the mountains. Great book!"
Jim Small

"I would like say 'great job' on your log construction manual, it is a very informative book and should be a text book for all log building schools. I am hoping to get started on my log house this spring, without the Log Construction Manual I would not be building a log house."
Quinten Anderson

"I bought your book for my son to read while he was in Iraq. He plans on building his own log home when he gets out of the Army. Johnny said that your book was the best one he has read yet. He has read a lot of books on the subject of log building."
Cheryl K. Theiler

"First of all ,thank you very much for writing such a great book."
Jerome Bailly, France

"I must say that your book is the one and only concerning this subject. The details, the things you just need to know, everything is there. So Thank You. Your book should be translated to Swedish."
Erik Holmgren, Sweden

"I have your book Log Construction Manual it is a fantastic book with all the information to build your own home."
Karl Kranic

"I bought your Log Construction Manual and it has become my bible for the small cabin project I'm doing. It's a great book!"
Don Guptill

"I went to Mackie school in the late 70s and find myself building a log house 25 years later. I recently purchased you book and have found it to be the best instructional manual I have seen and I think I have them all. "
Mike Stine

"I have enjoyed reading your book (I just finished the 3rd reading) and it has really helped me to prepare for building my own home. "
Jason Venesky

"I have already built one small log home myself, using your book."
Keith Palmer

"Thanks again for taking the time to respond with your advice. Your book has been bedtime reading material for me for a couple years now. I’ve read it over and over. It is by far the most complete and informative resource for any person wanting to build their own log home."
Todd Chase

"I have really enjoyed your Log Construction Manual."
Joshua Maddox

"I have read, and re-read your book many times. It is very good. Thanks for writing such a special book, and bring my attention to so many pitfalls in this process!"
Bob Hill

"I recently read your book Log Construction Manual and I was impressed to say the least."
Kim Walter

About Robert W. Chambers

I have been building handcrafted log homes since 1983, and teaching since 1986. I have been the principal instructor for Rocky Mountain Workshops (Colorado) and for the Pinetop School of Log Building (Arizona) and have taught in Australia, Latvia, New Zealand, Russia, Alaska, Romania, Finland, and Canada. I graduated from the Mackie School of Log Building (British Columbia) in 1983 and have been teaching, consulting, and building since then.

I have taught workshops in Wisconsin, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, South Dakota, North Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona. Most of my hundreds of students have built for themselves, and many are professional log home builders.

Articles about Robert Chambers have appeared in many magazines: The Natural House, Fine Homebuilding (#34), House and Home, Mother Earth News, Log Building News, Joiner's Quarterly, Bob Vila's American Home, Wisconsin Trails, Gentleman's Quarterly (GQ), Building Systems Magazine, and more.

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